So another disappointing game. And this one was worse than all others this season. To see the team playing so well in the first half, on top of Arsenal all over the pitch and then the second half an absolutely different affair is so hurting.

For whatever reasons, the confidence in the players is missing. You could see after Arsenal went up that Liverpool players given up. They were no longer chasing the ball, no longer aggressively in the faces of the opposition. In the last 10 minutes the play was like Arsenal were chasing the game, not Liverpool. And this is really, really disappointing 🙁

Of course, the fact that the game was officiated by the worse referee in English football really didn’t help. Howard Webb, definitely harmed both teams giving non existing fouls and waving obvious ones. He is a shame for the referees in England. Anyway – we haven’t lost because of the referee but it was frustrating for me to watch the team being outplayed in the last 40 minutes and also to watch this joke of a referee.

Anyway. So it will be hard battle to win the 4th. We will see how it goes.

As we say – walk on, through the storm. And you’ll never walk alone.

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