Let’s see if I will be able to post here more often :)

So let’s see. I will be trying to start blogging. I might be successful in it 😉

It is interesting challenge for me – to start sharing my thoughts with a diary that is blogging in my opinion. Being a Bulgarian, I am supposed to write in Cyrillic and in Bulgarian language. Some of my posts will be in Bulgarian and some will be in English. Anyway, during the years of working for US based companies it is easier for me to write in English than in Bulgarian. Sad but true.

I am reading few blogs these days. It is interesting for me how they evolve and how the styles and the “feel” of the blogs change as your read the different ones. It is like seeing naked minds, so I was like – ok will try to do the same, might be fun.

And the real problem is to find the time to do it. And the motivation to find time to do it. And the desire to keeping it going. But I am sure it will be a nice exercise for me to be able to put my brain into writing so I can go back and reflect on what I was like.

I am doing it for myself so to speak but if anyone will be reading it – you are welcome 🙂

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