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24 hours after the agonizing game against Stoke, sitting in a cozy hotel room in Paris, I can’t help but regret for what-could-have-been moments in this last game.

I am a bad loser, but over time I have learned to keep my fan emotions down when LFC lose or games do not go their way. That’s life 🙂 In addition, one thing I specifically hate is complain about referees decisions. It’s done – get over it. It is kind of hard considering English referees are probably the worst out of the top European leagues but well – it is, what it is.

I also like Paul Tomkins’ commentaries around LFC games. He is smart, has no knee-jerk reactions and generally I very much share his opinion on our favorite team. Another thing we share is that in his texts, he never complains about referees. Pretty impressive if you ask me 🙂

Today is different. I have just read this article he posted on his site and man, do I agree with him. I already got over all of the terrible decisions that went against LFC this season, but one thing I haven’t noticed – really how come the top referees in England are not refereeing LFC games? While jokes that are worst than Bulgarian referees like Lee Mason are constantly assigned to our games??

Here is the link to the article again. I can’t really add anything more.

PS. And gee, I am sick of all of this sack Benitez thing. Being a manager myself, I can only have sympathy for the guy. He should be in charge of the team until next January. If by next January the things are bad – he should be sent out. Not before that.

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