I just don’t get it

So Liverpool won against ManU. For a third consecutive time. Kind of feels great 🙂

But I don’t get it. Why should Michael Owen be treated the way he was? Yeah – I am a foreigner and I don’t understand the relationship between the Liverpool and Manchester. Yeah – I am foreigner and probably I don’t understand the relationship between the clubs (or hatred should I say? :)). But how can we (OK I am a LFC supporter too, so I will include myself too) treat someone that gave so much to the club with so much hate?

I mean, common. Back before Rafa arrived, it was Owen that was the main reason that helped Liverpool being some sort of force. Remember 2001? It was Owen who brought us all the cups.

So why do we hate Owen? Because he is a Manc? Really? Did he had a choice? So let’s see – he had no club. He had “injury prone” label and media against him. He got a call from, the most successful English club in recent times (we are still most successful ever but …) and what is he supposed to do, turn them down?? Really? I mean – players are not fans. Soccer is their bread and butter. It is how they make a living. It is how they achieve their professional goals.

So in case you are out of job Linux system administrator, with a reputation of failure and you receive a call from Microsoft for a job there, you are supposed to decline? I mean, yeah right.

We should respect (and I surely do) Owen for all he gave to the club. Yes, he left on bad terms as a coward but this was his choice. Live and let live. That’s my credo – Real Madrid affair cost him too much anyway 🙂 I just hoped he received a better reception – after all I don’t think he did any crime by joining the mancs. And hey – he didn’t score yesterday 🙂

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