Dear Friend

Обади ми се един от най-добрите ми приятели, че се е върнал в София за по-дълго. Той емигрира в Испания преди доста години и за повече сме успявали да се видим в едно лято в което той се ожени, а аз сложих край на първия си брак. Сега, 4 години по-късно, аз съм много щастливо женен отново, а той пък е разведен. Малко и много ми липсва, а сега като се обади се сетих за текста отдолу – мисля, че доста добре отразява какво мисля в момента:

Fish – Dear Friend (from the Album “Internal Exile”)

Dear friend, it’s been a long, long while
I’ve been meaning to write you
But it was never my style
But what is these days now I’m a family man.

Do you blow sincere kisses to mistresses
Secrets in afternoons?
Do you wear your disguises, feign the surprises,
At the questions she asks when she dares to accuse?
Does your past lie under a dustsheet,
In the corner of a musty garage?
That’s where I keep mine, now I’m a family man.

Are your horses still running when
The bookies shop close?
Is the band still together, did you ever
Get on the road?
We chased the same women, we drank
The same beer.
We came as a pair when we ran around here
How are you these days, now you’re a family man?

Buy a drink for the boy in my place
At the end of the bar
Give my regards to Nina, slam a tequila,
I’ll write you at Christmas or I’ll send you a card,
And if you pass by you’re welcome to drop in
And see me ‘cos it’s unlikely
I’ll be round your way, ‘cos I’m happy to be,
Where I am, living life as a family man

Do you still have your leathers,
Or did you give them away?
Do you still dream of Joni and sidewalk cafes?
Is your Norton still running, is the old man still alive?
Do you still get to Dalkeith, is your rent still as high?
But I suppose you’ve a mortgage, now you’re a family man.

Dear friend, it’s been a long, long while
I’ve been meaning to write you,
But it was never my style.

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