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So today my mind is full of soccer again 🙂

Liverpool lost. Again. After a abysmal play. I mean really abysmal. Worst performance in already bad season. So in this line of thoughts, here is what my favorite LFC blogger – Paul Tomkins writes on LFC eventually missing out on the 4th place in the League (which now seems pretty realistic alternative).

And Berbatov again. It is clear for everyone that I don’t like him as a player. If it is not clear – please check the old posts 🙂 but hey, the guy certainly has balls – check this article in his blog (In Bulgarian). Respect!!! He is absolutely correct in everything he says. Good to know that behind the “lazy” player facade there is someone with guts to say the things the way they are. And yes, I am sure he didn’t wrote it himself 🙂

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